Furukawa-Sky Review No.3 (April 2007)

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Surface Analysis Techniques for Aluminum Materials

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  • 佐藤 隆宏
    Takahiro Sato
  • 長谷川 真一
    Shinichi Hasegawa
  • 田中 祐一
    Yuichi Tanaka


In recent years, aluminum has been increasingly used for its recyclability and lightweight in broad fields such as automobiles, buildings, and beverage cans, as a material of low environmental impact. A variety of surface treatments are applied to these aluminum products for the purpose of protection, design, and functionalization, increasing the importance of surface/interface analysis techniques that grasp the surface profile and properties of aluminum materials. Referring to the fact that there are a large number of reports on the surface analysis of aluminum materials, this paper outlines the general analysis methods for the two categories of surface profile measurement and chemical/structure analysis, presenting some case examples as well.

技術解説 / Technologies

  1. 自動車用アルミニウムボディシートの特徴と成形性
    Features and Formability of Aluminum Body Sheet for Automobile
  2. 導電潤滑アルミニウム材の現状
    Current Status of Electroconductive Surface-Lubricating Aluminum Sheet
  3. アルミニウム材の表面分析
    Surface Analysis Techniques for Aluminum Materials

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