Furukawa-Sky Review No.6 (April 2010)

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Recent Casting Technologies for Aluminum

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  • 並河 良徳
    Yoshinori Nabika


Casting is one of the manufacturing processes for aluminum materials. The author introduces the recent casting technologies concerned with aluminum sheets, plates, pipes and bars. To solve the problems of casting ingots, for example, breaking of shell and cracking of ingot, various ways and equipment have been suggested, and the efforts for analyzing accurately the mechanism of casting troubles have been proposed in recent several years. On the other hand, ingots were no more than the material for rolling in the past, but today, they are required of better quality. So, it is necessary to develop the technologies for improving the quality of not only surface grains but also inner grains. Efforts are also continuing to improve the technologies of horizontal continuous casting of sheets.

技術解説 / Technical Papers

  1. 高強度・耐熱性アルミニウム合金
    High-Strength and Heat-Resistant Aluminum Alloys
  2. 最近の鋳造技術
    Recent Casting Technologies for Aluminum

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