Furukawa-Sky Review No.4 (April 2008)

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Manufacturing Technology for Aluminum Extrusions

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  • 柿木 敏行
    Toshiyuki Kakinoki


In general, extrusion of aluminum is done at elevated temperatures. The extrusion process can form products of prescribed shapes by pressurizing a billet to extrude it through the die, and it is possible to process it directly from a columnar billet to a final product of complex two-dimensional shape in cross section, which constitutes the features of aluminum extrusion totally unique compared to the extrusion of iron or copper. The casting process to make billets for extrusion is an important step first of all. Casting high-quality billets is the first prerequisite, since troubles here can not be eliminated by the post-processing. An especially important technology in extrusion process is die technology, since the quality of dies directly influences the quality of extruded products. Thermal treatments after extrusion such as solution heat treatment, quenching, aging and annealing play a significant role in changing the material properties. Improvement of strength by work hardening and improvement of dimensional accuracy in the sections can be achieved by the drawing process. Furukawa-Sky possesses unique high technologies in these manufacturing processes, and supplies various extruded products of high quality.

技術解説 / Technologies

  1. アルミニウムの板圧延技術
    Rolling Technology for Aluminum Sheet and Plate
  2. アルミニウム押出材の製造技術
    Manufacturing Technology for Aluminum Extrusions
  3. 自動車へのアルミニウム適用に向けた接合技術
    Aluminum Joining Technology for Automotive Applications

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