Furukawa-Sky Review No.4 (April 2008)

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A High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Fin Stock for CAB Produced Using a Twin-Roll Strip Caster

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  • Go Kimura
    Jonggag Kim
  • Akira Kawahara
    Dinos Mantis
  • Akio Niikura
  • Takeyoshi Doko
  • Takahiro Shinoda

We developed a new fin stock of an Al-Si-Fe-Mn-Zn alloy for automotive heat exchangers. The new stock has good properties suitable for making thinner fins than the ones used at present. It shows an ultimate tensile strength of about 130 MPa at a thickness of 0.05 mm after brazing and electrical conductivity of about 50% IACS. In contrast, conventional Al-Mn(3000-series) alloy fin stocks show the strength of about 110 MPa and electrical conductivity below 40% IACS. Therefore, the strength of the new alloy fin stock is much higher than that of typical 3000-series alloy fin stocks, while the thermal conductivity of the former is comparable to that of commercial pure aluminum stocks. In addition, corrosion resistance of the new alloy fin stock is the same as that of the 3000-series alloy fin stocks. These properties are attributable to constituent particles dispersed finely and densely in the new alloy fin stocks. This alloy is manufactured by using a twin-roll continuous caster.

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  4. A High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Fin Stock for CAB Produced Using a Twin-Roll Strip Caster

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