Furukawa-Sky Review No.1 (April 2005)

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Effects of Microstructural Features of Grain Boundary on the Bendability of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Sheets

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  • 檜室 義幸
    Yoshiyuki Himuro
  • 小山 克己
    Katsumi Koyama


Al-Mg-Si alloys are increasingly being used in automotive sheet applications because they show age hardening during the paint-bake process. The alloy sheets are usually solution-treated and quenched for good age-hardening performance, natural-aged at room temperature, then press-formed before paint-bake aging. For outer panels, one of the important requirements for these alloys is their ability to resist fracture during bending. In this study, the effects of grain boundary precipitates and width of precipitate free zone (PFZ) on the bendability of natural-aged alloy sheets were investigated. Five types of quenching patterns including step-quenching technique were experimented after solution treatment to control these microstructural features. A lot of precipitates, which resulted from slow cooling and step-quenching at high temperatures, facilitated the initiation of cracks at grain boundaries during bending eventually tending to decrease the bendability. The influence of the PFZ width on intergranular fractures was quite small in this alloy. These results suggest that suppressing grain boundary precipitation is one of the key techniques to improve the bendability.

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